Making Something Real.

People get pretty excited if you Tweet Bruce Springsteen lyrics.

Three favorites in five minutes, the first two coming so instantaneously that I did that little “power button + home button trick” to preserve the moment.

This is, of course, the worst thing about the Internet, its tendency to use sounds and red boxes to shoot some dopamine into your brain and make you feel like you’ve accomplished something and the whole world loves you, even if you’ve just written down someone else’s words.

And that’s why I’m so excited for The Bomb Shelter. Because it’s the total opposite of that.

Everyone involved in The Bomb Shelter is taking some major risks, with the end goal of making something real.

The comics, obviously, are putting themselves on the line by doing something they’ve never done before and risking a semi-public failure in the process. Danee and I are hosting what is essentially a theme party, and basically playing “The Bomb Shelter” joke for the truth. (No spoilers here, but Danee is taking this to an incredibly awesome place.) And the people who are showing up to watch this all happen are taking a risk, not only with the $5 ticket price, but also because they might be signing up for an evening of comedy where none of the jokes are actually funny.

No one knows how any of this is going to go, and that’s why it’s so exciting.

If it goes well (like we’re hoping) we’ll know that we worked together to make an actual thing actually happen, and if all does blow up, we’ll know it’s not for a lack of trying.

Real-life, in-person, trying.

If you’d like to join us for this experiment, tickets are still available for $5, which includes the comedy, food and drinks. (If you’ve never been to a pye,brown event before, pye usually makes the food and drink experience worth three times that admission price.)

We can’t promise it’ll feel better than being favorited, but however it feels, at least we’ll all know we’ve earned it.