First off, everything about rabies sucks.

It sucks to wake up to a bat in your house, it sucks that you don’t know if you’ve been bit, it sucks that your first symptoms are flu-like, then paralysis, delirium and you’re dead. And it also sucks that even if you think there’s only a tiny chance you’ve got rabies, the only thing that’s going to save your life is ridiculously expensive, even with health insurance.

Our friends, Erica and Andy, probably didn’t get bit. But no one was sure, and because they like being alive, they got the shots. And they’ve got the bills to prove it.

Because we’re also big fans of them being alive, we’re doing what we can to help out.

Quarantine is a poetry reading/party/fundraiser designed to welcome our friends back to the world of the living. If you know them, come celebrate their awesomeness. If you don’t, come experience it for the first time.

Either way, bring your wallet. Lifesaving medicine doesn’t pay for itself.