Geniuses, Poets and Artists.


A few months ago, I applied for a job.

I didn't get it. (I think.) But in the process of applying, I wound up writing a lot about art, the city I live in, and how those two things combined. 

If I didn't get the job, it seems dumb to let this thing I made (and kinda love) sit on an external hard drive forever. It turns out I care about art, a lot.

Here's a link to the cover letter I included with my application. I've done a lot of redacting, because I'm not really looking to put anyone on blast. 

If you take a look and think that there's a way I can help you or an organization you care about, let me know. Maybe that's a job (that's great!) or a volunteer thing (also great!), but either way, I'm looking for a place I can help.

Burn it down, build it up. 

- Alex Jonathan Brown