Film Feels Different Here - Cinema Center 2014

A Lot of Great Things Happened at Cinema Center This Year.jpg

Most non-profit organizations are required to hold an annual meeting each year (that's why it's called an annual meeting.) Board members report on the past year, there's usually a super-exciting financial presentation, and the whole thing is generally the worst.

For 2014, Cinema Center wanted to set a different tone for their annual meeting. Rather than getting bogged down by the business side of things, they wanted to embrace their new slogan, Film feels different here, and recap all the awesome stuff that happened in the past year. 

pye,brown converted the basement into a makeshift studio and asked board members, staff, and fans of Cinema Center to talk a bit about what made 2014 great. The final product screened at Cinema Center to kick off the annual meeting and made the rounds on Cinema Center's social media platforms.