Just finished reading the Fort Wayne Reader’s article on the Replacements tribute show that’s coming up here called “Love Lines”. Great interview with Matt Kelley. Thank you E.A. Poorman. Because I’m a depressive, left handed writer, like Mr. Westerberg himself, I can’t listen to great music without becoming a bit maudlin. You know, take the joyous pain of the songs and transpose it to real life.

Well, after reading the story I had to pop in the song “Skyway”. I allowed myself one and only one Westerberg song. If I over indulged I knew I wouldn’t eat “dinner”.

(If that’s what you call a meal at Midnight on a Sunday.) Anyway, the song ended as it always does but I still wanted (needed) something in the same vein. So I scanned my music collection and my gaze just happen to fall on the eponymously titled Church Shoes record. This made sense. When I pulled out the disc I told myself again only one track and then you gotta eat. As I was perusing the songs I came across “the boys” mostly sloppy signatures and inscriptions. (For some reason, ahem, we all were not in the best handwriting shape the night of that CD release party.) The exception to this was what Nick Allison wrote. 

I’m not gonna quote it because he wrote it to me and therefore it’s mine. But, he did mention that one afternoon when we were both much younger that I had turned him on to the Replacements while day drinking at the Rail. In true “Westerbergian” form I don’t remember this but I believe Nick. As I listened to his gorgeously written song--”Big Bad World” and heard that wonderful “pain mixed with jangle” combo I realized that Nick and the fellas are indeed “the sons of someone” musically speaking. His name is Paul. Then I went on to play one more “tough one”--Odell Williamson Bridge. (Yes, once again I couldn’t stop at just one. But at least they’re “just” songs. Right?) As Nick’s lyrics washed over me they may have washed away a tear or two. The guys may not be “Bastards of Young” but they are certainly “poets of place” who are not afraid to say where they come from. 

If I believed in God or Santa Claus I’d ask one of them to fly in Church Shoes for the Replacements tribute show. Nick my good friend, I hope you see this and are doing alright. Thanx for the songs.

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